Safe and effective emergency responses are generally achieved through the guidance of clear, thoughtful, and experience-based procedures. The University Police Department has developed resources describing the procedures for responding to a variety of on-campus incidents ranging from earthquakes to shootings. The following resources describe established emergency procedures for the CSUMB campus:

CSUMB Emergency Response Guide – Provides detailed information on response procedures for a large variety of incidents that may occur on campus.

Emergency Operations Plan - Provides detailed information regarding emergency operations.

Emergency Procedures Brochure Provides brief information on the more likely incidents to affect the campus.

Active Shooter Response Protocol – What You Need To Know – Provides detailed information on response to an active shooter on campus. Included are procedures for evacuations, sheltering-in-place, and lockdowns.

Rape Aggression Defense - R.A.D. provides realistic self-defense options to women . students at all levels of ability, age, experience, and physical conditioning.
Building Emergency Coordinators

Knowledgeable leaders are indispensable in assuring the safety of building occupants in an emergency. The University provides this leadership through the Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) program. BEC’s receive additional training in emergency procedures and other emergency response activities that they share with others in their building. For more information on the BEC program, visit the Building Emergency Coordinator Program (LINK) page.  

CSUMB User Guide to Emergencies or Natural Disasters

It is always a good time to think about disaster preparedness, but the recent earthquake is a great reason to bring the topic to the forefront. It is important that the Campus Community knows how emergency communications will be distributed by the University. Also, it is critically important that the campus knows how to prepare for and what to do in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. This message has been prepared to provide you direction, stimulate your thinking about emergency preparedness, and hopefully have you ready to respond if an event occurs.



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