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Emergency Medicine Program

CSUMB’s emergency medical program provides campus community members with the training and resources needed to assist others with emergency medical issues. The program provides public access Automatic External Defibrillators, disaster medical trauma and triage kits, and mass-casualty incident resources. In addition, the program provides periodic training opportunities to educate community members in first aid, CPR, triage, and the use of the equipment provided around the campus.

AED Program 

Automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) are proven life-saving technology when utilized quickly and correctly during a heart attack. In an effort to improve campus safety the CSUMB University Police Department (UPD) has implemented a comprehensive, campus-wide public access AED program. The program provides AED’s in strategic, commonly accessible locations around campus. Current locations include:

Otter Sports Center                                      OLLI                                        World Theater
University Center                                          Student Services                     Dining Commons
Tanimura and Antle Library                          Information Technology           University Police Dept.
Alumni/Visitors Center                                 Student Center                         Chapman Science Center

Click on the link to learn more about Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Emergency Medical Training

The emergency medical program is supported with a variety of training opportunities for community members. In cooperation with our response partners such as American Medical Response and CalFIRE the University offers:

• Scheduled monthly First Aid/CPR/AED (FCA) training
• By request FCA training for campus groups and organizations
• Hands-only CPR training
• Medical triage training
• Blood-borne pathogen training

For more information on these training opportunities, follow the links, visit our training and education calendar (LINK HERE), or contact the EMHS office.

Disaster Medical Supplies

Major emergencies often result in significant casualties which must receive treatment, in some cases exhausting normally available medical resources. The University, in cooperation with our partners at the Monterey County Health Department (MCHD) maintains caches of disaster medical supplies and equipment that can be deployed to incident sites or treatment facilities to supplement dwindling supplies. 

The EMHS Division has cached disaster medical and triage kits at a number of campus buildings. These kits contain 50 person “Trauma Kits” (expanded first-aid kits), a folding stretcher, and patient triage supplies. Disaster medical and triage kits are located at:

Otter Sports Center                       University Police Dept.                University Center
Tanimura & Antle Library               East Campus                              UPD Office

The Division has collaborated with the MCHD to provide additional medical surge capacity for the campus and region. A mass-casualty/search and rescue trailer stored on campus provides medical and rescue supplies and equipment that can be readily transported where needed. In addition, three Alternate Care Site caches or “field hospitals” are also stored on the campus which can supplement local hospital capability or be established as stand-alone treatment facilities.

First Aid CPR AED Training